Friday, September 13, 2013

5 Ways to Help Make your Church Visitors feel Welcome

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Every church wants (or should want) visitors! Always be wanting to grow.

So, to help in this area, Here are some tips for the members to remember.

1. Smile at people. 

A smile can change a person's day and make them feel connected. When you don't smile, people can assume you are too arrogant or mean, even though you may be just thinking about something else. So do your best to smile at people you meet, walk past, or look at. 

2. Look them in the eyes.

 Looking people in the eyes is kindness. It says to them, "You count." And it reminds them that we are all part of the same human race. When you avoid looking people in the eyes, you seem cold and unattached, and that doesn't help to spread the love of Christ but hides it!

 3. Offer a hand.

 When someone is struggling with something heavy, offer them a hand. When someone looks lost, ask them if you can help. When you offer to help people, you share kindness with them and lighten their load.

4. Say hello.

In today's busy world it's easy to become isolated from the others, oblivious to the pain and concern of the people around us. But kindness gets involved; it steps into the lives of others, even if only to say hi. It WILL make a difference. Say hi to anyone that looks you in the eyes. Even if they don't look at you, interrupt their isolation and say hello. Remember, People remember Kindness! 

5. Go above and beyond the normality. 

Here are 'rituals' visitors usually do at church. 
Go into the building,
find a seat near the back, (they wouldn't dare sit up front!) 
listen to the preacher,
get up and go. 
Do they ever re-visit? 

Rarely. It depends on a number of factors.

Make your church visitors Experience something different! The church should be Alive! Members, don't go find "your clique"... ...Instead, meet someone new! Get out of your shell yourself. If there's time, show them around the church. Introduce them to your pastor or to someone around their age. I'm not saying that it's wrong to go say hi to your friends, just don't be exclusive to others around you that you may not know.  Make them feel like they are welcome! 
Cause they are... 
Aren't they?

 Be friendly, courteous, kind, happy, (Don't act like a dead-Christian!) Being a Christian is fun so don't make it look boring by your countenance and austere demeanor. 

(Be sure to get their address and go visit them sometime during the week if they're interested. You should want your visitors to return and be glad they were there.) 

Make sure your church is Alive in Christ! Be Joyful in the Service of Your Lord and King. We need each other to do this! We're all important and can be used by God if we let Him. 

May God bless you! I hope this was helpful to you.

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