Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What we can Learn from the Life of Jacob

Jacob's life is a quest for God's blessing. The name Jacob means
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ceiver and we see that he started out as one. He deceived his brother, Esau, when he stole the birthright from him.   
   Later he deceived his father-in-law and gained a large portion of his flock. 

We take this blog post from Genesis. 32:24 - 30 of the King James Version. (KJV) Click here to read the Bible passage. 

We learn from the life of Jacob that we are not limited by the past. In Jacob's past he was a deceiver, but God changed his name to Israel which means "Prince with God." Jacob's struggle with God is a picture of holding on to God in prayer. It's an amazing thought. Jacob could not force his will on the angel, and we cannot force our will on God. But he could hold on until he received the blessing, and we can hold on in prayer until we receive an answer from God concerning our requests. We can get answers to prayer. Jacob prevailed because he would not let go. He was very persistent. If we expect to get our prayers answered, we must learn to be persistent also. God does hear His children and He will answer in His timing. 

Listen to the Song "In His Time" by clicking play below.
I hope the words will be an encouragement to you. 

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