Monday, August 26, 2013

Let family know you love them!

When was the last time you told a family member you loved them? For me it was this morning. 
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I pretty much tell everyone in my family "I love you" everytime I see them. 

Why you say? Cause anything could happen honestly... They could drop down and have a heart-attack or end up getting cancer and next thing I know they might not remember me, They could die in a car-wreck the next time they go out to run errands, they could end up getting really ill and unstable and have to be put in a nursing home near or far away...  You NEVER EVER KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN. Some things could just "Not be the same" at any given time. As my Grandfather says, "Life as you now know it could change in an instant." Sobering actually...


 ...hug them while you can, love them all the time, laugh with them, hear them out, stand up for them and encourage them and their dreams and aspirations!! 

Why? Life is short. Too short. But we can make it sweet.   Be kind cause you'd want others to be kind to you. Love them because you deep down want someone to really, I mean really love you. You should take time to care for your family. You never really know how much longer you have with them. You never really know. Never know. 

I have not seen my family consistently for 6 and a half years before this last fall when we moved here. I love them so much and I know what it's like to not have family in your church, and to not have a hug from a family member every church service. So I hug them while I can when I can cause you never know what Life has in store.  I have missed seeing family. 

 I mean when your friends leave you or "they're just not your friends anymore" what do you got? Your family. They will always love you and care for you and they're just awesome. You can talk to them about anything, they're there for you... I love my Grandparents, my amazing Aunt and Uncle who are encouraging... I don't want to take Christian Family for granted. And I have THE BEST cousins Ever! They're best friends of mine. You really don't have to ask. It's inevitable that we're friends and will ALWAYS Be.  I NEVER want to take a moment with them for granted. 

  So I say I love you to my family, I hug them,  I smile and laugh and crack jokes and share stuff and I know their likes and dislikes and it's good all through to have close family. It really is. You never ever wanna drift in YOUR family. 

Keep them close always to your heart. 

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